• For tourist visa, letter of invitation is must for applying visa.
  • For Applying Visa confirmed air tickets are necessary.

IMP: - For applying Visa, letter of invitation is must before submitting of visa application at Embassy of Uzbekistan, Delhi. Letter of invitation is issued by Ministry of External Affairs, Republic of Uzbekistan.

  • For applying Letter of invitation following documents required:-
  • Scanned copy of all passports.
  • Request letter to Ministry of External Affairs of Uzbekistan (Format we will provide).
  • It takes 10 working days to get letter of invitation and the code number comes to embassy directly.
  • Terms & Condition apply.


The plane will land at Tashkent 00.55. Please keep seated because according to the procedures the plane crew has to get the clearance from the Control for disembarkation. So when the doors of the plane open do not think that you will disembark. It may take few minutes and Plane crew will inform you. Passengers travelling transit Tashkent are transported separately and you will hear the lady shouting word “TRANSIT”. After Disembarkation always double check about the Bus. It could be for CIP, Tashkent and transit. After you disembark from the bus you should hurry up to reach the immigration booth.


Immigration services generally take not more than 1 minute per passenger and generally immigration officer will not ask any question. Immigration officer will look at you twice or thrice while working. DO NOT BE WORRIED. He is just doing his duty as he has been taught. After Immigration you will enter in to the hall where you will receive your luggage. It generally takes about 30 Minutes after reaching the arrival lounge to receive luggage. Complete your Custom Declaration form (2 Sets). Sign and relax while you wait. When you receive the luggage you should go to the Custom Booth and give him your passport along with two Custom Declaration. He may ask you to count the currency declared physically in front of him. He will be polite. He will return you one copy of custom Declaration with stamp. He may ask you to open your luggage. Be patient and do as he advises you. Custom staff is generally polite and efficient but they have to do their duty. (Incase of any problem always ask your group leader to handle) Always keep your Custom declaration till you leave Tashkent.

Welcome & Hotel Transfer

Then you should just walk out of the hall and you will be received by our representative.

You would approximately be out of the airport by 01.30

You should hand over your passport to the representative (your passport is required for hotel check in and police registration). Our company staff will tag your luggage with room # and hand over room key to you .You should accompany the representative to the bus and make sure that your luggage is properly tagged; it has been loaded in the bus in your presence.

Be patient & you will have to wait a little so that all the passengers arrive & seated.

When the entire group members will be seated the representative will roll call to doubly check that every body has been properly seated. You would also be asked to fill in a form on way to the hotel. You should take your time to fill each column of the form and hand it back to the representative.

You will be in the hotel by 02.00 Announcement will be made for the breakfast time from 10.00 till 11.00 before you disembark from the bus. When you reach the hotel you should directly go to the room and the porter will bring your luggage with in 10 minutes.

While you would be asleep or taking rest our staff will be carrying out the following activities:

  • Handing over to you the local currency if you required.
  • Handing over the local Sim card, if you required.
  • Arranging the services which you have ordered.
  • Working closely with the hotel staff to ensure you get what you wanted.
  • Preparing for your police registration so that your passports could be returned to you.